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Strategic Plan

2015 Strategic Plan

Kelsey Recreational Development Plan


Strategic Plan



In May 2015, Council for the Town of The Pas engaged in the Services of Way To Go Consulting to facilitate a Strategic Planning Session.  The first evening included Council and all Departmental Managers in the discussion.  The second day of planning included Council and upper Management.

There were many items discussed at the session and timelines were identified.  Direction was identified as follows:

Reducing process for tasks:

Each Department was to submit a proposal to the CAO to reduce departmental deficiencies by September 30, 2015.  Proposals have already been submitted and the CAO is to make a priority listing by the end of September.  LEAN Program training will also be taking place this fall.

Increasing Regional Agreements:

Relationship building with RM of Kelsey, Opaskwayak Cree Nation and the Town was discussed and Council believed it was best to review the existing agreements and identify issues which need agreements, strategize negotiations and continue with regular meetings.  Council has established a Committee of Council to review the agreements in preparation of ongoing discussion with all parties.



Creating an Environment for Community Development Corporation

A draft document was prepared for Council review as it relates to re-establishing the Corporation.  Council hopes to meet with the Community Development Corporation Board in the near future to discuss the agreement.

Development of Town Lands/Business Communications Plan

The Town of The Pas is making application for grant monies to move forward with hiring a consultant to create a development plan for Town owned lands.  It is the hopes of Council that the plan be presented to the Community Development Corporation for their perusal to generate the plan.

Initiate an Infrastructure renewal program

Management has submitted an infrastructure renewal plan for each of their respective departments.  The Town is hoping to have a priority listing along with funding opportunities as it relates to presenting the renewal program to the public in late fall when we are preparing the 2016 Financial Plan.


Leveling the Tax Base

Way to Go Consulting has been working with the Town to come up with innovative ways to spread out the tax base to be fair and equitable based on services being provided.  The Town is looking at fee for service when possible to level the playing field as it relates to taxes.  We hope to have the plan in place and ready for the 2016 tax year.

Recreation fees are also under review as it relates to user fees both local and non-resident fees.