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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers of The Town of The Pas staff.  Feel free to contact us at 627-1100 if you require more information.

When are tax bills sent out?
Tax bills are mailed out in June of each year.

When are taxes due?
Taxes are due on the last business day in August of each year.

What period does my tax bill cover?
Town of The Pas tax bills cover the calendar year (January 1 – December 31).

Can I pay my property taxes online?
Yes, you can pay your property taxes online through your bank's website. You have to add the Town of The Pas as a payee. When you search "Pas", there are usually two different account types: Taxes and Utilities. Select the Taxes option, and you will be asked to enter your account/roll number. Enter the roll number with all numbers, except for the 457 and do not enter the decimal (i.e. enter 0009999000 for roll number 457 0009999.000).

Does the Town accept post-dated cheques or credit cards for payment of property taxes?
The Town will accept post-dated cheques, however receipts will not be mailed. A receipt can be reprinted upon request and picked up at Town Hall. Please note that cheques must be dated appropriately to avoid penalties. The Town does not accept credit cards for payment property taxes.

I recently built a new home and have not received a property tax bill.  When can I expect a bill?
New homes are typically sent a supplementary tax bill.  Supplementary tax bills are mailed out in October and due the last business day in December.

I recently purchased my home and never received a property tax bill.  Am I responsible for the property taxes? 
New property owners are responsible for payment of property taxes whether or not they received a notice.  Any property owner who does not receive a tax statement should contact the Property Tax Clerk at 627-1116.  Failure to receive a tax notice is not sufficient reason for late payment or non-payment; penalties will be applied.

How many garbage bags am I allowed to put out for collection?
2- 26" x 36" bags can be placed out for collection without a tag.  All others must have a tag placed on them in a visible location.

Where do I purchase tags and how much do they cost?
Tags are sold at the Town Office for $1.00 each.

What happens if someone places their garbage in my shed?
If you see someone putting anythingon your property which does not belong to you, you should ask them to stop immediately.  If the problem persists you can notify the Engineering Office of the problem.  The new bylaw has a $250 fine for littering.

Do I have to pay at the landfill?
Yes.  A car or pick-up load is $5.  You need to buy a punch card at the Town Office or Wellness Centre before going to the landfill for $30 or $60.  Cash will not be accepted at the landfill.

What do I do with leaves and grass clippings?
You can take them to the landfill for no charge and deposit them in the compost site.

Is there a fine for having an unkept garbage stand?
The fine for having an unkept garbage stand is $250.