October 2016
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Accommodation Tax By-Law

Airport Lakeside Reserve Fund By-law

Animal Control By-Law

Bullying By-law 

Business Licences

Campaign Expenses and Contributions with Municipal Elections

Cemetary By-Law

Cleaning of Streets and Sidewalks 

Columbarium Reserve Fund

Community Enhancement Reserve Fund

Curfew By-Law

Derelict/Unregistered Vehicles

Destination Marketing Reserve Fund

Establish a Development Incentive Program

Expenditures and borrowing at Phase II to the Multi-plex and amend by-law #4409

Fire Prevention and Emergency Service By-law

Fire Fighting Equipment Reserve By-Law

Indemnities Paid to Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors

Multi-Use Recreation Facility (Phase 1) By-Law 4381

Multi-Use Recreation Facility (Phase 2) By-Law 4435

Museum Board By-Law

Noise By-Law

Off-Road Vehicle By-Law

Organizational By-Law

Penalties on Property Tax Arrears

Prohibit Sale of Distribution of Plastics 

Property Taxes for the Town of The Pas Fiscal Year 2016

Public Recreation Commission By-Law

Recreational Infrastructure Reserve Fund

Regulation of Cleaning of Streets and Sidewalks 

Regulate the Proceedings and Conduct of Council and the Committees

Reserve Fund For The Saskatchewan River Waterfront

Shopping By-Law

Taxi Cab Licences

Traffic and Parking By-Law

2hr Parking By-Law

Unsightly Property By-Law

Waste Disposal Grounds Reserve Fund By-law

Water Rate By-Law

Wellness Centre Equipment Reserve Fund By-law

Waste Management System By-Law 4541

Winton Pool Renovations By-Law 4486

Wood Acres Completion of Phase 1 By-Law 4334

Wood Acres II By-law 4358

Zoning By-Law